The Impact of Retiring Baby Boomers on Nursing Shortage

Karlene Alethia Richardson


A critical shortage of hospital-based nurses in the U.S. continues. The shortage is expected to become increasingly acute as the baby boomer generation retires, grows older, and experiences age-related illnesses. The aging of the nursing workforce, and the global nature of this shortage, compound usual contributing factors. Given the far-reaching implications of the projected shortage, I explore key issues related to retiring nurses of the baby boomer cohort group. Using a descriptive study approach, I sought to analyze existing strategies for stemming the problems related to nursing shortage, to offer recommendations, viable in meeting the projected U.S. nursing shortage. I review extracted secondary data to explore the current the relationship between retiring baby boomers the problem of nursing shortage in United States.

Keywords: baby boomers, nursing, quality care, stress, shortage of workers, ratio, turnover rate


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