From the Margins: Narratives of Women of Color Exploring their "Teaching Life" and "Practice of Teaching" for Social Change.

Mumbi Mwangi, Kyoko Kishimoto


In this paper, we articulate the importance of narrativizing our experiences as women of color teaching for social change from the margins in higher education institutions. We discuss the connection between our “teaching life” (who we are) and “practice of teaching” (what we do in the teaching) and highlight ways in which these two phenomena inform each another in process of teaching for social change and transformation. Recognizing and privileging this connection is fundamental to the understanding of the intricacies of teaching for the transformation of our students and for social change from a place of “difference” and “subjectivities.” We use the narrativizing process, not only as the basis for our methodogical and conceptual research framework, but also a space within which to amplify our voices and to establish a support system for our survival in academia. Additionally, through the narrativizing process we bring to light and conjure up alternative pedagogical practices from a feminist perspective that would be useful in better preparing our students for a diversifying and globalizing world. Throughout the paper we argue for the need to see “education as a practice of freedom” that values difference.

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