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Dear Publisher:

This is your official notification that the following prepublication ISSN assignment(s) were made under the auspices of the U.S. ISSN Center at the Library of Congress.  Please print or save this notification for your records

The journal of global medical research
ISSN 2162-9277

Expected date of publication: October 2011

Please note that a separate ISSN is needed for each version you publish in a different medium (e.g., print, online, CD-ROM) or for each major change of title. For your convenience, we have reported the ISSN of all medium versions of this title we have in our database even if not all were assigned at this time.

For print serials, please display the ISSN on the upper right-hand corner of the cover, or the masthead, or another prominent place. For online serials, display the ISSN on the title screen, home page, or other prominent place. Always include the letters "ISSN" before the number. If you publish this title in both print and online versions, please display both ISSN together on each version, filling in the blanks in the example below with the digits of your ISSN:

ISSN _ _ _ _- _ _ _ _ (print)
ISSN _ _ _ _- _ _ _ _ (online)

Please note that prepublication ISSN are provisional and subject to cancellation until you send a sample published issue to this office or inform us of a URL where the published serial may be freely accessed. The sample issue is used to create an official record of your publication for national and international databases, and to consider your publication for addition to the Library's collections. Only actual issues (as opposed to photocopies of certain pages from print serials as described below) receive this consideration. If it is impossible for you to send a sample issue or provide access (temporary access is acceptable) to an online issue, we will accept photocopies, printouts, or screen shots of the cover, title page, masthead (or their online equivalents) or other pages showing title or publishing information.

Attached to the email version of this message are documents about uses and benefits of the ISSN, how to present and title your serial, and your Copyright obligations.  Our web site at includes these documents as well as additional ISSN information and an ISSN application form that you can download for future ISSN requests. If you have any questions or if we may be of additional assistance, please feel free to contact us.


ISSN Publisher Liaison Section staff