Traumatic Brain Injury and Confabulation: An Introduction for Criminal Justice and Legal Professionals

Jerrod Brown, Deb Huntley, Erik Asp, Katherine Fabrizio, Cameron R. Wiley


Traumatic Brain Injury is a common disorder that is caused by an outside force impacting or penetrating the head and can result in mild to severe brain dysfunction. A possible resulting symptom of such an injury is confabulation, a disturbance in memory that leads to the inaccurate recollection of events and information due to a disruption in cognitive function. This unintentional display of dishonesty can have adverse effects on many legal situations requiring truthful compliance and accurate recollection. The following article aims to elucidate the connection between Traumatic Brain Injury and confabulation and the implications for the criminal justice and legal systems.

Keywords: Traumatic-Brain Injury, confabulation, criminal justice, legal 

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