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Avoid Concrete Pump Blockages With Concrete Pumping In Sussex

by Ted Nangle (2019-09-18)

Everyone in the construction industry will agree with the fact that pouring liquid concrete is not as easy as it looks. This is why you need to choose the right solution if you want to avoid concrete pump blockages which can hinder your construction project. The pumps are vital equipment and make it easier for the workers to transfer liquid concrete. The easiest way to prevent any sort of costly delay and complete the project on the scheduled time is by ensuring that there's no obstruction in the pump line. Though there are various reasons behind those obstructions in the process line, avoiding those blockages is a must if you want to keep your project on track. 4 Common Causes Of Concrete Pump Blockages

quy trình sản xuất bê tông tươiInexperienced Operators
Approaching the right company offering concrete pumping services is a must as they provide experienced pump operators who have undergone sufficient training. They are aware of all the errors or mistakes which can affect the performance and lead to blockage. They try their level best to avoid those and ensure a smooth pumping process, the hose is carefully handled so that the liquid mixture flows smoothly. CONCRETE PUMPING SOLUTIONS

Bad Concrete Mixing
One of the common reasons why a blockage develops in the concrete pump is when the mixture passing through it does not have a sufficient amount of water. It is the responsibility of the company offering concrete pumping services in Sussex to ensure that the sand used to prepare the mix is sufficiently graded, to prevent the formation of small channels through which mixture can pass. The mixture should be pumped immediately after mixing as a delay can stiffen it.
Materials Are Of Poor Quality
Though every construction project requires efficient concrete pumping in Sussex, only a professional knows all types of concrete can't be used for pumping. The concrete slump can become too large or small if the mixture which is being pumped is unqualified or of poor quality. A blockage might also occur if the retarders, filling and pumping agents you are adding have not been selected properly.
Problems In The Pipe
The capacity and horsepower of each concrete pump differ, so you need a piece of equipment which matches the requirements of your construction project. The velocity of the pump will be insufficient if the motor you are using is underpowered. The mixture can't flow through the pipeline system smoothly due to the lack of pressure and a blockage might form. An obstruction might also develop if the diameter of the coupling is large while that of the hose is narrow. It will take more time for the concrete to flow if the unit is smaller. Since you are now aware of the common causes of concrete pump blockages, it's time you choose the right concrete pump so that you can avoid those. Matthew Tandy is a professional with years of experience in writing articles on concrete pumping solutions . Each of his articles is a result of extensive research and thorough analysis.

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