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Banana where does banana come from? -

by Jami Milne (2019-09-27)

banana tree and monkeys

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Banana chips come from the west indies

Where does banana spiders come from?
Banana Spiders come from the Americas (north, central, & south). has a great article on them: website

What can peel a banana?
If you leave your banana in the microwave on defrost for 2 minutes your banana peel should come right off without turning the actual banana mushy

Where does the word banana come from?
The word Banana, is translated from an African Language known as Wolof(Banaana), into potuguese and spanish. (Banana)

Which country does the word banana come from?
the word banana comes from an Arican word (wolof) and was translated to spanish and portugese : banana. So the word banana comes actually from Africa.

How do you add a picture to a contact on AOL?
well first u banana then banana with a banana and banana the banana wont allow the banana to banana and so the banana goes home and bananas for a banana so wht if the banana doesnt banana he bananas for a banana how do you banana?you dont banana you just banana you little banana

What continent did the banana come from?
The banana came from areas such as Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Were does banana seeds come from?
The very small seeds are grown within the flesh of the banana

Example of single user computer type?
banana banana banana banana banana

What is the different between a curve banana and a straight banana?
A curved banana is a gay banana and a straight banana is not a gay banana.

Do bananas come from snails?
no, bananas come from a banana tree. Banana trees are found in tropic regions or can be grown in green houses

Is banana is a material noun?
Yes, banana can be a material noun, many things are made with bananas: banana bread banana split banana daiquiri banana smoothie banana flambe banana beer

Where is a banana from?
what country are bananas come from

Should Carrefour adopt Wal-Mart's strategy of low prices every day What would be the advantage or disadvantage of such a strategy?
Banana is called banana wat banana banana means banana. there is no other banana y no banana bcoz banana is only banana

What is banana in Serbian?
Banana is banana, 송탄이사청소 fruit.

What foods do gorillas like?
Banana banana banana banana banana Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol

What is 'banana' when translated from English to Italian?
"Banana" in English is banana in Italian.

Who is banana and why banana no like squid?
banana is yum yum and squid eat banana

What is the banana fraction?
It's a banana cut in to fractions, THE banana fraction is banana land's special banana with lines on it showing fractions.

Is a banana a bean?
A banana is not a bean. A banana is a fruit.

What is the peel of a banana?
the peel of a banana is the peel of a banana

What does a banana have in them?
They are chock full of banana and banana accessories

What is a banana sap?
a banana sap is the sap from banana.

When is a banana not a banana?
Before it grows, it isn't a banana.

How do you say the knock knock joke about the banana?
Knock knock. Who's there? Banana. Banana who? Knock knock. Who's there? Banana. Banana who? Knock knock. Who's there? Banana. Banana who? Knock knock. Who's there? Orange Orange who? Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

Where can you find banana trees?
There are no banana trees. Banana plants are herbs, therefore there are no banana trees.

How much 1 banana weigh?
The mass of a banana weighs a different weight from banana to banana

What makes a banana a vegetable?
a banana is a fruit every edible free products is a fruit then nuts come from the fruit exept penuts IMPROVEMENT: There is nothing that makes a banana a vegetable. The banana is a fruit, the fourth largest fruit crop in the world. Nuts have nothing to do with this.

What is a single banana called?
A banana. More than one banana is called a bunch of bananas. A single banana is just called a banana.

How come we plant banana using a younger plant?
The banana plant can be grown through its rhizome with sprouts (false stem)

What is a good banana and orange knock knock joke?
*Knock Knock "Who's There?" ''Banana'' "Banana Who? *Knock Knock "Who's There?" ''Banana'' "Banana Who? *Knock Knock "Who's There?" ''Banana'' "Banana Who? *Knock Knock "Who's There?" ''Orange'' "Orange Who?" ''Orange you glad I didn't say banana''

How much sugar is in a yellow banana?
the Small banana - 12g Medium banana - 14g Large banana - 17g Extra large banana - 19g

What can you make with bananas?
You can make banana milkshakes, bannoffe pie (banana and toffee), banana splits, fruit salad, banana pudding and banana pie.

How To Spell Banana?
The correct spelling is banana. An example sentence is: I like banana milkshake. Another example sentence is: We have banana pie for dessert.

Banana in Spanish?
banana: it can also be called "banana" or "platano"

Can you grow a banana tree from a banana?
yes. seeds are in the banana.

Is a banana a vegitable?
A banana is a herb . Surely a banana is a fruit?

What functions are there in a banana?
your but!!!!! ignore that guy... but what fuctions?! u get the banana u peel the banana u eat the banana.

Do banana contain starch?
Yes, banana contain starch. It comes from banana tree. The banana tree is a plant.

Is yellow banana better than green banana?
Yes yellow banana is better than green banana

Is green banana better than yellow banana?
Yes green banana is better than yellow banana

Why is a banana bended?
if the banana was not bended then it would not be banana any more

Are apples a banana?
No. A banana is a banana, and apples are apples. They are different fruits.

What is the Latin name for 'banana'?
Aríena means banana in Latin.

What is Banana pith or banana stem?

Is a banana a living organism?
The banana is not a living organism but the banana PLANT is.

What does a banana grow on?
A banana grows on a plant called a banana tree

Who found the banana?
Mr.Bananakins on a banana boat in the banana river :P

What is a banana leaf?
A banana leaf is a single leaf of the banana plant.

Is a Banana geometric?
A banana is not a part of geometry. A banana is a type of fruit.

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