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Above is the the share of the Topaz City apartment project, also 1 of rare or sometimes projects that the group decides to distribute

by Krystle Durgin (2019-10-05)

Topaz City apartment in District 8 is a multi-functional complex consisting of high-class apartments, mid-range apartments, center , office buildings for lease. With a lot of experience after successful projects such as Topaz Garden, Topaz Center, Topaz City, investor of Van Thai Housing Business - Construction Joint Stock Company has continued deployment the Topaz City project to bring back to the living environment convenient perfect for people.

The capital of the project of the Park of Culture and Sports Tourism in the south of Ta Quang Buu Street, Ward 4, District 8, with scale over 15 hectares, Topaz City apartment in District 8 is attributed the plan to become is the key sport and culture used for for the needs of life resident. The project is exterior in a style method , including 12 blocks of apartments from 18 to 28 to 30 floors and 01 block office buildings combination yes restaurants, luxury hotels. Promise this will be a project bearing attractive top market district 8 in time .

Topaz City apartment is located right on Cao Lo street. Near Ta Quang Buu route is the backbone route of district 8. This route connects to most the large of District 8 to mobilize to the district focus as District 1,5,7 ..

From Topaz City condominium you need a few minutes mobilize to can go to the area of ​​Nguyen Van Cu - Tran Hung Dao border between district 1 and district 5. Going toward District 6, West Bus Station, you go on Pham Hung Street to where you must to come quickly. Thanks to this connection, quickly and quickly, like this, in Topaz City apartment area in District 8 concentration growth infrastructure.

People in District 8 are expecting that the key project area, topaz city apartment will be foundation stronger for stronger strong in the future tomorrow for the district 8. Sports entertainment entertainment national standard. This Topaz apartment complex also plans buildings for rent, hotels, luxury apartments time completion will make you really live like in District 2.

You really do not believe this, to visit this area immediately after at read this article.

However, in a beautiful picture of the Topaz City apartment, I still see a few points that friends must need should be forced to be mindful of when decides search project

It is true that this project super is beautiful but I will obligatory concern very on investor finances.

According to shop find and understand my name, the investor named almost is Van Trading - Service - Construction - Business Company Limited Thai yes 48% of capital is owned by restaurant Investment and Development Joint Stock Company. This Van Thai investor also a common ownership Vietnamese investor of the Topaz Center expansion project extremely successful in July.

In the real estate market, the name of this investor has not been many to but I feel secure at one point. This project is located in the project cluster key of district 8 so this land is the land of state assigned to Van Thai for construction, assuming ko bearing financial potential as well as relationship, then super is difficult to obtain such a beautiful land fund.

Usually 1 apartment project is deployed, the finance is mobilized from 3 main sources.

_ Lending Bank: BIDV and Vietcombank (Vietcombank is considering and considering for approval of the loan package of VND 30,000 billion for this project)

_ Mobilize capital customers : This depends relative diversity on sales capacity of the organizations . With price range good and this beautiful location, I think the problem of selling affordable is workable. Also according to the update to September 9, 2014, it has bearing about 200 bookings of friends interested project.

_ Investor's finance: As I shared above.

So, in short, for example I own one billion I bearing buy at Topaz City ko apartment project?

If I am customer search so I will think like this:

The new hour apartment start do, I am yes demand right away. How to solve this problem is the question concern I diversity night. However, after when thought of a solution, I found super simple.

Difference = Money buy search for apartments at right - money buy Topaz City.

I use this difference to rent a house or apartment within 2 years, certainty will suffice or even surplus 1 . And at to time to receive my house with a beautiful new apartment that I appropriate most.

If I am a you investment, where can I profit from.

Currently, as I share, the price of Topaz City apartment is better extremely broad bearing surrounding be forced to raise increase The perfect at time of development project is definitely a problem. In addition, if for example you do not want to sell but yes long-term investment orientation, then the lease will be 1 channel possessed can be sent.

With position district district 8, move to quarters center convenient opposite university here. The rental price of this 55m2 apartment is estimated to fluctuate around VND 6 million. With this amount a small family or one group of students hired to live is completely with .

Above is the the share of the Topaz City apartment project, also 1 of rare or sometimes projects that the group decides to distribute. However, the views and opinions of Nhat Pham & Co Cong Su are ko change, honesty , prestige is still our top priority.
Hope you will bring your popularity messages useful on the project Topaz City and become one resident of the project.

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