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An Eye For Music

by Venus Rohu (2019-09-29)

Browsing through the lanes of music stores, music buffs are surrounded by countless albums from numerous musicians and bands. Some have already made their selection prior to coming to a music store or at least have an idea of what they want to hear or purchase. Reviews and recommendations from reliable sources or other individuals who share the same passions are often the basis for selecting a particular band or album cover maker. In some cases, however, some albums get noticed not because of the recommendations or the raving reviews but for a more simple but striking aspect, its cover art.
A cover art or album cover is part of the packaging of a music album. It the first thing a person sees while browsing through numerous albums, flicking through a number in just a few seconds. The design of the cover targets the need for the public for visuals. A catching art work grabs the attention of the consumer, making them interested, even before sampling what is inside the album. It is part of the product's advertising, intended to make it stand out from the rest of the music albums being displayed alongside it.
In the days of the records, the packaging consisted mainly of paper or a thin layer of plastic. During those times, the album cover was part of the main section of the sleeve which protected the record. Since the days of the cassettes, CDs and DVDs, a tougher plastic casing protected the album. This left the album cover for more aesthetic purposes.