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Do you need a television to play online with ps2 or just computer? -

by Demetra Flowers (2019-09-14)

I'm pretty sure you need both...i have a ps2 and play online but on a TV

Is online computer support easy to find?
Online computer support is very easy to find. If you need help with online computer support just type in the problem you are having, and many links will appear to assist you.

Where can a computer get purchased?
Online or you go to a computer shop.buying computer from a shop or online is same just you need not to move around checking for parts and all if you want to build a computer,you get it all at one place website.

Do you need a tv licence to watch cctv recordings on a computer?
do i need a tv licence to watch my tv via my computer via a internet supplyer

How can you record online TV to a computer?
A lot depends on your computer and the video card, software you're using plus the type of signal you're feeding into the computer. There's way, way too many variables and not enough information to be able to answer your question based on the info given. Do some research on the 'net and you'll probably find your answers there. I found Online TV Recorder form Google, it seems basically you may need two type of video...

Do you need a tv sport cable for accept Internet television?
You don't need a cable or satellite subscription to watch live TV and Internet TV/VOD on your device. It's better to use an internet-connected computer and hook it up to your TV via HDMI cable. A laptop or mini-computer would be better. The reason why a computer is better than any streaming media device or game console with apps is... there are no restrictions. You are not restricted to 'x' number of apps to watch...

Computer Screen on TV?
You need to ask your questions more clearly. But if you are asking if you can attach your computer to your TV screen, yes. All you need is a cord.

What if there is no computer?
If there is no computer, there is no computer. Perhaps you don't need/want one; if you do, you can purchase them online or in shops.

What does it take to use a computer on a TV?
To use a computer on a TV you need a coaxial cable or hdvga cable. You can look on your TV and find what cord it has and use it to connect to your computer.

How and what do you need to play a computer game online?
a computer and a good internet rooter

Is it worth you buying a computer monitor if you already have a tv?
if your computer can plug into your tv and is good quality then its not worth buying a computer monitor however if you cannot connect to your tv then you will need a computer monitor

How do you watch British TV outside of the UK on your computer?
you will need to use a proxy with a uk ip, just google it. then iplayer can do it.

How do you put your computer on your TV?
you need to put the tv and coputer signil an that how

Can you play online modern warfare 2 with a memory card or do you need a hard drive?
dude, you need a hard drive just like a moniter needs a computer

Do you have to have a hd tv to play minecraft split screen?
Minecraft doesn't have split screen capabilities you need another computer or xbox to play offline/online with friends.

What do you need to play xbox 360 online?
You Need A Modem on your computer and a Ethernet Cable to plug into your console and the modem or you just need Wireless Connection. then you need a Xbox Live Membership Card or A Month Free Trial. Then you just play and Have Fun.

Do you need a plsma tv for Xbox 360?
Nope, you don't need one. You can even run it on a computer moniter, if you have the right cables (its what i do) But yea you dont actually need a plasma tv for it. It would just probably have better quality picture...

What do you need to go online with a ps2?
you need a online disk a ps2 adopter the internet connection, the ps2 and a tv

Where is it possible to watch Loving Annabelle online?
To watch 'Loving Annabelle' online you could try one of these online sites: 1 Channel, Movie 2 K and Watch Movies TV. These sites are streaming so no need to download the movie to your computer.

How do you get audio from your computer to play on tv?
You need to connect the speaker out on your PC to the audio input on your TV. You need an adapter cable, as the computer usually has a minijack connector and the TV usually has two RCA connectors

How do you convert tv into computer monitor?
To convert your TV into a computer monitor you will need a video card and an extra VGA cable. TV to computer monitors are great for better viewing of your games, TV shows or movies.

What is the advantage of online shopping?
just need to sit before computer indoor, convenient, you can search as much things as you can ...and it is cheaper than in stores

Where can one find used computer accessories online?
A person in need of used computer accessories can search the website UsedComputer. They sell "used" or refurbished parts to the computer enthusiast or just the average joe looking to add some spice to their computer.

Where can one find free online computer support?
It really depends on the type of online computer support you need. There are, literally, hundreds of technical computer support websites online that can assist you with any questions or problems you may have.

Where do you connect the PS3 Ethernet cable in the computer?
You do not connect the PS3 ethernet cable to the computer. Just as you connect an ethernet cable to your PS3 to allow it to go online your computer may also have a spot to connect the ethernet cable to allow it to go online. The way the completed system will be set up is that ethernet cables are connected to a router for both the computer and the PS3 and the router is connected...

How can I watch TV on my windows xp using the TV cable?
You would need to have a TV card installed into your computer to be able to watch digital and analogue channels on your computer.

Should you Trust Online Antivirus Scanning?
well i don't and i think you shouldn't also you don't need to you can just download an antivirus these online anti virusses can install a file on your computer which allow them to control your computer and steel it's passwords but if i was in your place i wouldn't trust them

Do you need broadband to play far cry on your PC?
Well what do you mean just to play on your computer without online multiplayer than no, but if you wish to use online mutliplayer you would have to use a broadband connection.

Do you need a controller to play halo online?
No you don't need to you can play with a tv remote

You need the correct ports and cables on both your TV and your computer. The modern connection used is HDMI. There are others which can be used, however, including S-Video, DVI, analog, and even coax. Just look at the back of your TV, and the back of your computer. Find any video port that matches (not power, Dial-up, or Ethernet)

Do you need your playstation hooked up to a computer to play online?
You don't need to hook it up directly to a computer, but you do need to have it connected to some kind of internet source.

How do you put your movie from your computer on the tv?
If you want the image on your computer to appear on your HDTV, you need a VGA cable. The image on the computer will show, but the sound will not play on the TV. Therefore, you need some type of speakers in order to hear the computer's sound.

Where can one find TV torrents online?
The best place for finding all the information you need online about TV torrents is a site called EZTV. On this site you can find all of the answers and information on TV torrents that anyone could ever need.

How do you make genuine money online?
There are ways to make money online that have to do with affiliate programs, advertising or building your own website. To make money online, you'll need the necessary skills and a computer. You can work anywhere online with a computer.

Do I need a TV with InternetReady if I already have a PS3 and XBOX 360?
If you want to go online with just your TV then the new internet TV's that Sony makes offer different features and they also have a unit that can be added to your present TV. It's not about need, but what you want and whether you only want to use the PS3 to go online which I know is not the same capability as a PC or Laptop. Both of which have models that can...

Do you have to have a disc for Minecraft on the computer?
No, you don't need a disc for the computer. You just need to download it from the website.

How does one watch celebrity rehab online?
When I try to watch anything online that comes on tv, I usually just use Hulu, or YouTube. One of those two companies will surely have what you need. They have almost everything on there.

Do you need internet to play halo combat evoloved online on Xbox?
Yes you need internet! Even on the computer you need internet to play halo combat evolved online... That's the whole concept of online gameplay!

Can you connect a Nintendo GameCube to your computer monitor or does it need a TV?
You could but you need a DV bridge.

How can you read books on the computer?
First you just go online and find which book. Then all you need to do is run to the kitchen and drink all the alcohol you own. Then just stare at some things.. Try it, its fun

Does the Im-Me Girl Tech instant messenger work with Mac computers?
it works with any computer! you just need to have windows vista. where did you get you im-me from? I got them online!

What subject you need to become a tv and computer technician?
Hm, electronics?

How can you connect your TV to your PC so that you can see what's playing on your TV live on the computer monitor?
You will need a TV tuner card.

Can you hook up your laptop to your tv?
You can but you need a speacial adapter, one end should be either look like the end of a classic computer keyboard or just be a usb! The other end depends on what fits your tv! :)

How can you play online games with a controller?
You need to rechange your computer and put a plug like a PS and you can play online with conttroller

Where can you play online sims online whithout download or pay?
Nowhere, you need to have the game installed on your computer and the disk to play it.

How do you setup online play for halo ce online for xbox. do you need a cord to hook up to the Xbox or do you just scan the internet. How do you setup halo combat evolved otnline for Xbox?
You cant its not an online game. But Halo 2 is and you just hook an ethernet cord from the back of the xbox to your computer modem.

Why lcd did not work as a tv?
Not sure what you are asking here. You can buy a LCD television in just about any consumer electronics stores. If you are talking about the LCD's monitors that would be for your computer then its simple. Most of them do not have a tuner. You "can" still watch TV on them though. You need a buy a TV tuner for your computer and hook up your TV service to it. Then not only can...

What is a USB TV tuner?
A USB TV tuner is a TV tuner card that connects to a computer via the USB port. First you need to connect the tuner, then connect satellite or antenna to the tuner. Usually you need install the driver on your computer. After those you can scan channels on your computer. website

What are online shopping advantages?
u just need to sit before computer indoor,searching as much things as you can ...and it is cheaper than in stores , all the process is quite convenient

Can you hook up your television up as a computer monitor with just having a computer tower?
It depends on what connections the computer and television have available. If the television has VGA input, then yes, using probably the same cable you'd use to connect the computer to a standard monitor. If the computer has S-video out, and the television has S-video in, then yes, using an S-video cable. Otherwise, it gets kind of tricky, and you probably need additional hardware (I got something on Amazon for I think $30 that did...

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