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Top Philanthropists of the World

by Fausto Berryhill (2019-10-08)

It today's world, there is a chasm of fire osrs separating the wealthy from those so desperately in need that every day is a struggle to find food and shelter. This is referred to as the 'wealth gap' - a misleading understatement, as the difference between these two income classes is vast.

u-slayer2017-chasm-of-fire2.png&key=2bdcFortunately, there are those who are in a position to use their firm financial standing to improve the lives of the underprivileged. Some of these philanthropists donate large sums of money while others take a hands-on approach, using their time and chasm of fire osrs resources to help alleviate other people's suffering.

Some of the most generous donors include:

Warren Buffet - Famed for his "I don't believe in dynastic wealth" statement, this man has donated billions of dollars to charitable causes. He maintains that his phenomenal surplus of money would be better utilised to help people in need, rather than growing in interest in his bank accounts.

Bill and Melinda Gates - As the founders of their self-named philanthropic organisation, this couple spearheads numerous charitable causes. Like Warren Buffet, these two individuals are staunch proponents of the wealthy class donating to the needy.

Oprah Winfrey - Through her Angel Network, Scholars Program and private charity foundation, this woman has donated time and money to bettering the lives of women and children all over the globe.

Sir Richard Branson - With his flare for the outrageous and shrewd business skills, this renegade tycoon has a soft heart for the suffering. He started a School of Entrepreneurship that helps underprivileged young people to build a future for themselves, and recently joined Warren Buffet and chasm definition Bill Gate's philanthropy club. The Giving Pledge required for membership is at least half of your net fortune.

Pierre and Pam Omidyar - As the initiator of eBay, Pierre Omidyar is no stranger to wealth. He's also deeply generous, and in 2012 alone he donated $61.5 to help developing countries overcome their financial difficulties.

Azim Premji - With his mantra of "To those whom much has been given, much needs to be given back", this man is dedicated to improving the quality of education on a global level. He also donates much of his wealth to facilitate a just and humane society.

Li Ka Shing - Based in Hong Kong, this man is worth more than $25 billion. So far, he has donated in excess of $10 billion to institutions that endeavour to improve education and healthcare.

Angelina Jolie - In addition to being a successful actress, this woman has a deep concern for the plight of refugees in war-torn countries. Her work with the UN has taken her Cambodia, Syria, Haiti and Kosovo, where she has been personally involved in helping survivors of conflict and natural disaster.

Leonardo DiCaprio - He is no stranger to the ranks of the generous and wealthy. Earlier in 2013 he held a charity auction that raised more than $38 million to go towards funding conservation efforts on a global level.

Solina Chau - She is the director of the charitable Li Ka Shing Foundation that has donated more than $1.6 billion to causes such as disaster relief and medical research. Additionally, this inspirational individual runs another foundation which aims at improving education, and the lives of women.
Simply put, there's more to wealth than money alone. By acknowledging the needs of others above their own, these philanthropists bridge the massive wealth gap that exists between the super rich and the desperately poor.

Steven has been working in the home loans industry for over a decade in both Indonesia and India. He writes regular articles for a variety of different financial blogs