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Man pleads guilty in fatal crash that killed NYC couple

by Renaldo Jonsson (2019-09-18)

BALLSTON SPA, N.Y. (AP) - An upstate New York man accused of driving recklessly in a fatal crash that killed a couple on Memorial Day weekend has pleaded guilty.

11015528_1722031961373941_915545356_n.jpDickie Winn, of Cohoes, pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide in Saratoga County Court on Monday.

Winn says he "engaged in reckless driving" behind the wheel of his pickup truck when it struck another vehicle, killing 33-year-old John Heneghan and 32-year-old Caitlyn Holtzman in Clifton Park in May.

The Times Union reports 59-year-old Winn had a blood alcohol level of 0.16, twice the state legal limit at the time of crash.

Holtzman and Heneghan, 자동차다이렉트보험 both New York City residents, were in a car with three other passengers, who suffered serious but non-life -threatening injuries.

Winn is scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 21.