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Is a halal diet the same to a Muslim diet? -

by Iva Clore (2019-09-18)

yes Halal diet is same to Muslim diet
Are maybelline cosmetics halal?
As in the Muslim halal? No, not that i am aware of!

292993 173739739335 <strong>33<\/strong>8579 028763Is fruit roll up halal?
Im muslim...and as far as i know its HALAL!!!!!

What food can a Muslim not eat?
Any religion that forbid all food would die out quickly. Halal is what a Muslim should eat. If a Muslim can not eat halal, they may eat other food to be able to live. Halal food is preferred.

Is food cooked by a non-Muslim halal and can a Muslim eat this food even thou the contents of the cooking are halal?
no because its cooked by a person whos not a Muslim and you don't know whether the meat is halal or haram so theirs ur answer k

Can you have a organ transplant if your a Muslim?
It Is Completely Halal.

What is the difference between kosher food and halal food?
Muslim is Halal, while Jewish is kosher.

Is danimals yogurt halal?
Yes. Danimals yogurt IS halal. I am a Muslim and my family members have it. I also have it.

How can religion affect a persons diet?
Jewish people eat a Kosher diet. Muslim people eat a Halal diet. Jehovah's Witnesses don't eat anything that might still have blood in it. Catholics eat Fish and Potato on Good Friday.

What do islams eat when they are on a diet?
Any halal diet in a small quantity.

Where can you find halal jello?
you can find halal jello in Muslim shops(halal shops).if you notice any writing in Arabic it means it is halal (but not all the time),the pack should also have a sticker or seal reading halal.

Are kosher food is halal for Muslim?
Kosher is similar to halal, so Muslims are permitted to eat kosher food.

Is Burger King beef halal?
Yes it is halal because halal is any animal that is permissible to be eaten by Allah subhanathala. However it is not Zabiha, which it has to be for you to eat as a Muslim.

Is the chicken in KFC at Janakpuri District Centre halal Can Muslim eat it?
If its halal than no problem. Just we have to verify it. Most ofly the chicken at kfc's is halal

What do you offer a Muslim if you not a halal restaurant?
Veggies are always safe.

What is a Muslim meal?
any vegetable but only halal meat

Is kosher meat halal?
Yes, if Muslim food is not available.

Is heinz ketchup halal?
NO it is not halal and therefore as a muslim we should follow our religion and not take any alcohol what so ever

Is the meat provided in KFC chicken center in chennai halal?
only muslim can said KFC HALAL or HARAM in india

Is round table pizza halal?
Some are but you have to ask for a halal order some are owned by a muslim family's but some aren't

How to know that chicken or meat is halal?
shia: 다이어트약 if you buy from Muslim markets, it is Halal for you. if not, it is Haram. Sonni people have other idea.

Is food cooked by a non Muslim halal and can a Muslim eat this food even thou the contents of the cooking are halal?
As long as teh contents are halaal and the untensils used to cook are clean, it is permissible

Which multivitamin is halal?
Nowadays Noor vitamins specializes in developing high quality halal vitamins,pure halal vitamins and dietary supplements for the Muslim consumers. British Hajj

Is it halal to get benefit's from government in non-Muslim country for example UK?
No ! It is not halal to get benefit's from goverment in non-Muslim country. Read more: website

Is McDonald's fast food halal?
Depends which country you're in, Muslim countries serve only halal McDonald's and surprisingly, I think Finland also has a lot of Halal Chicken in their McDonald's.

Is guarana halal?
it is a natural plant , from nature, so it is Halal , it is not a meat product to be treated in a special way to meet the Muslim standard religion habits. so i think it is considered halal.

Why can Muslims not eat pig?
Its part of the Muslim culture, its called Halal

Can Muslim eat drum stick sweet?
yes its absolutely halal

Is elevit halal certified?
Elevit has pork gelatin in it. Avoid if you are a muslim

Are the MyTFine pudding have halal ingredients?
yes, I am a Muslim and they do because I buy them

Do Muslims eat liver?
Muslim eat liver of Halal animals .

Are all wonka candy halal?
I have this question too but i found Wonka nerds in a Muslim store which contains everything Halal which proves that Wonka Nerds are halal!!I found it in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

Is mc Donalds halal?
Depends on where you get it from. E.g. If you get it from abroad in Muslim countries, it would be halal but most branches in the UK are not halal. There are a few new ones in London though. i think mc donalds is halal b ecause i think me USAMAH

What is a halal diet?
A halal diet or halal food is food which does not include any pig products (pork, bacon, lard). Halal meat is meat that has been slaughtered in an Islamic way, that means cutting with a sharp knife through the throat of the animal cutting the carotids and jugular veins all with one single cut and saying :in the name of Allah at the same time. Also food that does not include the carcasses of dead...

Another name for non-halal?
Well i am Muslim myself and i know that the meat Muslims eat should be "Halal" and if meat or pig or anything Muslims do not eat, that is called "Haram" By Dr.Sharfraz. Choudhury

What is Halal Chicken mean?
In the Muslim culture, Halal Meat in general is special meat that some Muslims can only eat. When they kill the animal, they perform a special prayer for Islam, making it Halal meat.

Is hair colouring halal for ladies?
Yes it is but if your a Muslim you cannot dye it black!

IS MEat halal in Cambodia?
Cambodia is a Muslim minority country. So, you could find halal meat sold in some Islamic shops and stores.

What is Meat that is killed in the Halal or Kosher way?
Halal is Muslim, while kosher is Jewish. Both faiths can eat cows, but only the upper part.

What foods Does Muslim people Eat?
Muslim people Eat halal foods like cow or goat but They have to say (Allah u Akbar) Before they sacrifice it. A Boy called All-Muqder he thinks every thing is Halal

Is pizza halal?
well, i have to eat halal food too. but if you want halal pizza, then you can go to palominas or any other place posted in the yellow pages (book)(muslim yellow pages) But for halal pizza, don't trust any resturaunt unles they say or show that its halal. you can make your own pizza without worrying about if its halal or not!

Is mozzarella cheese halal in cambridge ON stores?
Unless a product is clearly marked Halal, it is probably not Halal. Like Kosher, any company that goes through the trouble of getting Halal certification will put it on the label. Will a packaged food be Halal naturally, or by accident? No, the chance for that is very, very slim. In the strictest interpretation of the Halal food code, if the food has been handled by any non-Muslim at any point (harvesters, packaging people, delivery...

Do Muslim's eat veal?
Muslims can eat veal, if it has been slaughtered and prepared as decreed by Muslim law, i.e. if it is 'Halal'. There are Halal veal butchers to be found.

What is the diet of a Muslim?
Muslims don't eat pork and most don't eat something unless they slaughtered it while saying gods name you will see in Arabian resteraunts and such that it say Halal rice, pasta and other things

Is Aldi meat halal?
Aldi meat could be halal (allowed for Muslims to eat) or not. It depends it is of what animal meat. Refer to question below on Muslim allowed (or halal) meat, then check about the specific Aldi meat you talk about.

Is gelatin from animal is halal?
As long as its not pig gelatin, its halal. Unless the animal was like run over or something like that. The best halal food is when a Muslim correctly slaughters it and when you give thanks to God before eating it.

Is bsn products halal?
Yes, go to a muslim shop nearby and buy it. Its tasty

What doesnt Muslim people eat?
Muslim people don't eat pork or gelatin. Also the meat that they eat has to be halal. It has to be butchered islamically.

What religion diet is meat must be halal no shellfish pork or alcohol?
Halal is the dietary system for Islam, and this religion also calls for abstinence from alcohol.

Is all halal food also kosher?
No. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All kosher food is halal (allowed) food for Muslims to eat (with the exception of kosher alcohol). However, not all halal Muslim food is kosher food. refer to question below.

Can Muslim have non vegetable which not halaal at navy job?
Yes as long as is not pork or any other forbidden food stated on the Noble Quran , muslims are allowed to eat anything. Even the Quran says it when a muslim is not in a muslim country and with none muslim people,friends, family etc. all of their food is halal for muslim and is disrespectfully not to eat a food or dish that some one invites you. Also just as a note Halal has...

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