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Best Cell Phone Plans for Kids

by Mirta Tranter (2019-09-23)

Best Cell Phone Plans for Kids
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sim cardThe best cell phone plans for kids and teens include:

Twigby's 1GB plan for $15/month
Good2Go Mobile's 1GB plan for $15/month
Mint Mobile's 3GB plan for $15/month
Ting's 20GB plan for $20/month (limited time offer)
Tello's 4GB plan for $19/month
Verizon also has a 5GB plan specially designed for kids that you can add on to any Verizon unlimited plan.

If it's about that time where you need to give your child a phone, we've taken the hassle out of choosing the perfect cell phone and plan. Here are our top picks for plans that won't break the bank.

Best Plan for Kids
If you want control over how your kids use their cell phones, then Verizon have a great plan for you. The Just Kids plan includes 5GB of data and comes with all of the parental controls you need to keep your children safe and make sure they're not spending every waking moment on their phones.

You can add a Just Kids line to your Verizon unlimited plan, with it costing anywhere from $35 to $55/month, depending on how many lines you have on your account.
Best Plans for Kids and Teens: Low Data
Whether your child is a teenager or still in grade school, if you need them to have a cell phone so you can be connected with them at any time, then there are a number of great plans for you to choose from.

Manage Your Child's Phone Use
Verizon have introduced a new "Just Kids" plan while allows you to manage their screen time and content, track their location and monitor other aspects of their phone use. You can add this plan as a second line on your account when you already have a Verizon unlimited plan.

Twigby's Unlimited Texts + 1GB of Data
If you want to limit how much time your teen spends on their phones, then limiting their data allowance is one solution. Twigby has a very affordable basic cell phone plan that comes with unlimited texts, 300 minutes of calls, and 1GB of full-speed data.

You can get all of this for just $15/month when you sign up for 6 months of service. The great thing about this plan is that you'll get coverage on both CDMA networks (i.e., Sprint and Verizon) and if needed, you can add additional data packs.
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1GB Full Speed Data
Good2Go Mobile on AT&T's Network
If you find you get better coverage on AT&T's network, then there's a comparable plan to Twigby's plan above from lesser known carrier, Good2Go Mobile.

For just $15/month, your child can get unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data. If they need more data some months, you can buy 1GB data for $10 more...or they can buy it themselves.
Budget Plans with More Data
Let's face it. 1GB of data might not be enough for your child or teen. With so much YouTubing, Instagramming and online gaming that happens, your child will probably want more data. Here are some of the best (and cheapest) plans with more data, so your kids won't run out of internet connection.

Mint Mobile's 3GB 3-Month Plan
Mint Mobile has a great offer for new customers—3GB of full-speed data on T-Mobile's network for $15/month (for 3 months). This is a great plan for the kiddos and won't break the bank either.

After your first 3 months of service, the monthly cost goes up to $25/month, although if you pay for 12 months in advance, you can keep the intro pricing of $15/month.
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Mint Mobile
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3GB Full Speed Data
Ting's 20GB Plan for $20/Month
If 3GB of data still isn't enough, then switch to Ting and get 20GB of data for just $20/month. If your child loves to stream YouTube videos all day, post to social media and SnapChat their life away, then 20GB may be a better option for you.

This deal is only offered for a limited time only so you have to sign up quick. However, you'll be able to enjoy the $20/month pricing until the end of the year.
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20GB Data
Tello's 4GB Plan for $19/Month
Tello recently reduced the cost of its cell phone plans making them great for kids and teenagers. For just $19/month, you can get 4GB of high-speed data plus unlimited talk and text, which should be more than enough for your kids.

Whether you need to keep your kids entertained during the drive to school or they love streaming music while they're hanging out with friends, 4GB should do the trick.

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4GB Full Speed Data
Tip: Before You Switch, Do This
Before picking a SIM-only plan from another carrier, make sure your phone is compatible with your new carrier since not all phones work on every network. Some carriers have an online tool where you can input your phone's IMEI number and it will tell you whether your phone is compatible with one of their SIM cards.
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Best Family Plans
Another option for you if you're looking for a cell phone for your child, is to consider simply adding a line to your existing cell phone plan. Shared family plans currently start at just $100/month for 4 lines. That's only $25 per line! What's more, most carriers are offering unlimited talk, text and data, all included.
Why get a family plan? Well, as long as you'll be paying for your kids' cell phones anyway, putting everyone on a shared family plan will save you a lot of money in the long-run. It will also help you monitor their cell phone usage (if that's something you want to do) and make it easier for you when it comes time to pay the bill—just one bill for the whole family.

How Much Data Does Your Teen Really Need?
One of the easiest ways to keep costs down when buying a cell phone plan for your teen is to get a limited data plan. Most carriers these days won't charge you additional fees or disconnect your internet if you go over your data allowance for the month, they'll simply slow down your internet speeds.
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Your teen will probably be using most of their data on social media and streaming music or videos, and it really depends on each person how much data they'll actually need to experience full speeds for the entire month.

About 5GB/month should be sufficient for most teenagers, although some may be fine with just 3GB.

Tip: Never Run Out of Data Again
To ensure you don't go over your data allowance for the month, make sure you use WiFi whenever and wherever you can. When you're at home, make sure you're connected to your home internet WiFi and try to connect to public WiFi as often as possible. Many cafés and restaurants offer free WiFi, all you need to do is ask for the password.