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Amberton University Targets Non-Traditional and Adult Students

by Rebekah Vanmeter (2019-09-06)


Main campus of the university is adjacent to Interstate 635. Branch campus has been opened in Frisco , Texas in the year 2006. Despite having Christian affinity the campus is completely free for conscience and there is no Christian preaching.

Brief History

Initially the academy started as part of the Abilene Christian University extension campus from 1971 to 1982 and was located in Mesquite , Texas . It moved to Garland in 1974. On receipt of independent accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in 1981, it came to be known as the Amber University in 1982. Subsequently it was renamed as Amberton in 2001.


Student seeking enrollment must be 21 years or older and fluent in English. No open admission is available though transfer students are not neglected. SAT and ACT scores are important. Checking of the due dates for 엠카지노 submission of applications is also necessary by surfing the website of the college. Only life experience is accepted as admission credits.

Programs Offered

Among others the academy offers distance learning programs and degrees. Rigorous courses are taught by resident faculties. Two of its programs, MBA and General Business were termed as best buys for affordability and quality.

Most Popular Fields of Study

Top 5 popular fields of study in the university are counseling psychology, business administration and management, multi-interdisciplinary studies, business management, marketing, and accounting.

Credit for Non-Collegiate Learning

Non-collegiate experiences are considered as learning despite the person being not enrolled in any education institution for 코인카지노 academic credit. Examples are external examinations like CLEP, ACT, documented military training, work experiences, special training, American Council on Education (ACE), travel experiences, and special interests.

Student Services

Amberton University offers career and academic counseling and on campus library facilities for its students. Besides these the university also offers disability services, distance learning and independent study facilities.

Financial Aids

Amberton University follows the philosophy of low cost so that students can pay as they go without incurring long term debts and 코인카지노 thus does not endorse or participate in any type of federal or state loan programs. It however offers students with acceptable credit references a convenient payment deferral program.