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El comfortable agriturismo in Puglia, harmoniously inserted in the green arable crops, vegetables and olives are conducted with the program organic Agriturismo Masseria Popa” pada Michele and Carla Mastrangelo, when located in the plains of the jonico-salento, the few kilometres from the cave settlements of Massafra (TA), and from the ravines of murgia tarantina. In the Park of Gargano, a few km from Rhodes Garganico, Peschici and Vieste, is the ideal place for a relaxing vacation, electronic holiday by the sea. The Tower Santamaria cuando is in the Morning, to eight minutes ' walk from the beach and has an outdoor swimming pool and free wi-fi throughout the hotel. Surrounded by orange groves, olive groves and prickly pears, the old village enjoys a beautiful view of mount Etna and offers an exquisite sicilian cuisine basics of organic products in their premises. 5 km from the ionian beaches, is a fortified farmhouse of the XVI century. In a charming ancient masseria of the FIFTEENTH century. C., the typical traditional dishes of salento, prepared with biological products at km 0. The farm holiday go to vacation in contact with nature and with the flavours electronic the most authentic flavours of Sicily. In Carovigno, 6 kilometres from the beaches of the adriatic, in the countryside of salento among the olive trees, offers typical products, rooms, suites which includes the sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool, evenings on the theme. Holiday 'village' which extends inside the Natural Reserve of Pantalica, at the of the Valley of the Anapo river, offers accommodation, reception rooms, and products of the company. Masseria modicana dating back to'700, is located in Modica, offers accommodation in rooms, electronic products, cultivated with biological method. In the campaigns of the Paternicò mother a short distance from the sea of the Gulf of Catania, an organic farm and is also perfect for parties and receptions. The property offers tranquility and relaxation in the lush countryside of the mediterranean. Our farm which includes rooms and apartments awaits you in every period of the year, gemini to welcome you with your excellent food and your warm hospitality. Palermo, Catania and Taormina are very loved by those who visit a region of Sicily. Salento Km0 is a project by pada Meditfilm, born in 2011, each contribute to the knowledge of wealth environmental and cultural heritage of demarcación of Lecce. Agritourism immersed in the greenery consists of an ancient tower of the XVI century, offers accommodation within rooms and relaxation area. The cozy village in Sicily, between mount Etna electronic the beautiful sea of the south-east, angstgefühl close to the naturalistic oasis como também sites recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. In addition, for each with regard to holiday houses in Salento, the size mass media is 118 m2 electronic cost an average of 141 € per night.

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