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Top 10 Reasons to Enjoy Medjool Dates A dormant company that can also be a subsidiary may, in certain circumstance declare exemption from the preparation and/or filing of its accounts as detailed in the section of this steering on the dormant subsidiary exemption. A mother or father company which qualifies as small needn't put together group accounts or submit them to Companies House if the group is small and not ineligible – see query 4 above. If a small parent company decides to arrange group accounts their content material is prescribed by the 2006 Act and by Schedule 6 to the Small Companies and Groups (Accounts and Directors’) Report Regulations 2008. If you choose to file an abridged balance sheet and/or revenue & loss account then you must embody an announcement on the stability sheet that the members have agreed to the preparation of abridged accounts for this accounting period in accordance with section 444(2A).

Filing Dates for Subsequent Accounting Years Charitable corporations should notice that in the event that they put together their accounts within the format advised by the Charity Commission then they will be unable to use the Companies House WebFiling service to file their accounts with the registrar. Companies House is working with the Charity Commission on providing an electronic joint filing service for charitable company accounts. Until such a service is launched, charitable corporations will need to file their accounts at Companies House on paper. You are required to file you company’s accounts at Companies House in accordance with the Companies Act 2006.

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