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The agency immobilliare the Sea and the Mountains of Oak the Maximum was founded in 1997 with the will pada meet the needs of real estate pada surrounding residential and commercial mainly in the areas of Savona, Vado Ligure, Quiliano, Albissola Marina, Albisola Superiore, Celle Ligure, Varazze, Bergeggi, Spotorno, Noli. Within reality, the Tinetto with i actually its approximately 6,000 square metres of surface is a little more than a rock, free pada tree vegetation (there are some shrubs typical of mediterranean maquis); however, it retains traces of the presence of religious communities on its narrow territory. When you arrive in Corniglia and get down from the train and you're right there, on that track in front of the sea electronic see Manarola. In this web you can find offers, i actually last-minute and all the promotions offered by the Hotel and Home liguria who invite you the spend your vacation just a weekend in our beloved Liguria. In these parts the coast is less cementificata and more wild: cuando located only a few country -- , such as Bonassola and Levanto -- before arriving at the famous Cinque Terre, or the resources of the coastal area between Punta Mesco and Punta of Montenero, which includes the villages of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Rio Maggiore. After the Congress pada Vienna of 1815 in the region is re-established the ancient system of administration that will fall only in 1860, with the annexation to the Kingdom pada Sardinia after plebiscites. The only downside, as in the rest of Liguria, was the parking. The commercial port pada Imperia (Oneglia) is an avismal historical heritage and resource of imperia and, especially in the past, thriving of trade routes (trade of olive oil and pasta, and timber, for a certain period of time, even components for the FIAT ). It was for several years the only outlet on the Mediterranean of the Duchy of Savoy (the Principality of Piedmont), and, for this, a strategic place repeatedly threatened and cannoneggiato from the enemies of the Savoy of the moment ( the Kingdom of France, Spanish etc ). The old and characteristic with i actually its arcades dyed el beautiful rose, with its famous fish auction and el local fleet of fishing boats small and medium. The territory is characterized by typical terracing for each vine growing, 1 style morphology made over the centuries by man, and that, according to the estimate, it seems to be developed for each of over 7000 km of dry stone walls. Normally, daytime temperatures exceed 30 °C only 3-4 times during the entire month of July, but often the relative humidity atmospheric remains high also in the afternoon, amplifying the sensation pada heat, which is mitigated single by the sea breezes. From the hiking trail you can reach the villages of the Cinque Terre through one of the diagonal paths that go down to arianne sea along the secondary valleys of they limit. The city of la Spezia, with its huge the port, located at the centre of the homonym gulf and has a second size and for each number of inhabitants of Liguria.

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